Fictional Story of Plants

Fictional story of plants is a speculative collection of future methods for growing plants and what will happen in this plant-oriented world. The project grew out of severe situation of deforestation and tendency of global warming.


General background: Vegetation is always beneficial to the earth and humans. Along with the tendency of global warming and climate change, in the future, plants will play a much more significant role in environmental governance. Unfortunately, the number of plants has decreased for hundred of years and is expected to shrink over the coming decades.

The question to the audience: what could our life be like when it comes to a plant-oriented world? What new relationships might emerge in relation to capability  and rarity of plants? How we would like our plants to relate to us: equal, mutualistic, subservient.


Idolization of Plants

Due to the outstanding contribution of plants, a great number of people become plants worshippers. A wave of plants idolization rises, and many poster artworks emerge at the right moment.


Government Allowance

Under the ‘plant regulation and control’ policy, some species of plants, which are relatively easy to feed, are rationed to low income groups for free, guaranteeing them intaking of fresh air. For those of plants which are especially delicate and picky, participants who want to feed them need to fill application forms, confirming if their bodies are qualified. After assessment, the agency will allocate plants most proper participants. Different plants have their special preference of human.

Plant-growing Set

These are several instruments that help human grow plants better and more efficiently. It includes a CO2 Storage Canister, a O2 Inhaler, a hair-collecting hairpin, a nail mill, a cultivating tray, and a filter. 


A device to provide essential manmade CO2 that plants need. It suggests to wear it as often as possible, especially when doing aerobic exercise. After fulfilled, the canister should be connected with plant to supply man-made CO2.


A good friend to help you enjoy fleeting moment of happiness. The built-in component makes gas tastes more smooth and condensed.


Every hair counts. This accessory adhere hair by electrostatic block inside. The more pins wearing on head, the less possibility to lose your valuable falling hair. 


A rotating device wearing on finger to produce keratin powder for your cute plant.


When filter drip fertilizer is prepared, water passes through a loose aggregation of keratin grounds and medium-sized high quality soil ground.


A luxury in this fictional world. It took 72 hours of aerobic exercise and 28 day kept nails.