'Bike Scavengers'

The project develops statement products made by components from shared-bicycles. An association called ’Bike Scavengers’ is established to encourage people to disassemble millions of over-produced discarded bikes on the street and to turn them into valuable products. 'New' objects are created from semi-finished parts provided by the association and scavenged reclaimed components. At the heart of the project, there is a critique of the environmental detriment caused by bike-sharing schemes in their operations and unregulated growth in China.


Photo by Coki

As the food of us scavengers, the debris of shared bikes is predictably sufficient, and there is a bright prospect. Chinese shared-bike-fever has reached a saturation point while the heritage left by a group of flunked companies are intractable. By the end of June 2018, there have been about 20 million shared bikes thrown in streets by over 60 different shared bike companies, and the utility rate is extremely low.


By presenting how a bike-made product looks like does this give an opportunity to our users to be upcycling practitioners and to take social responsibility. Our products could not only be a functional commodity but also be a provocative piece reminding people how bike sharing affected us and in what way we could protect our living environment and future. Meanwhile, those products are trophies to commend their morality.